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Our most popular basil. Small packet (0.2g ~ 110 seeds) M/S N. SEEDS - Offering Basil Genovese, Basil, Ocimum Tenuiflorum, Holy Tulsi, तुलसी at Rs 99/pack in Dhubri, Assam. Read about company. Get contact  Approximately 600-702 seeds per gram. Lot# BA01107 Ocimum basilicum. Genovese is a vigorous, tall growing, large leafed basil. It grows on average to 60 cm  Genovese Basil · More Details.

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k129.00, - -. Salsiccia e Funghi. Cook the pasta in salted water until they float to the surface. Mix with pesto and serve immediately. Pesto Genovese.

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Genovese basil is from the Genoa area of Italy, the pesto capital of the world. The leaves are larger than sweet basil and have a more bushy growth. The flavour is pungent, slightly spicy, and very aromatic. ‘Genovese’ is the classic basil for pesto and tomato-based dishes.

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Genovese basil

It's a m Description: Genovese basil seeds are the very best Italian pesto variety of basil. This is the traditional Italian heirloom variety of basil. It has shiny, large, almond-shaped leaves have a more pronounced flavour, and stores well if chopped and frozen in ice cube trays. Genovese Basil (Ocimum basilicum) This annual herb is the traditional large-leaved Italian sweet basil, celebrated for its flavour and notable fragrance.Densely branched plants that can be pinched back throughout the season, Genovese Basil is also very attractive to honeybees and wild pollinators. Genovese basil is a cultivar of Ocimum basilicum (sweet basil).

Genovese basil

2010-11-27 Sweet Genovese Basil History (Ocimum basilicum) This is the classic Italian sweet basil, prized for its large leaves, wonderful aroma and spicy flavor. Sweet genovese basil is the best choice for making pesto. The best genoese basil is said to be grown in Prà, a western delegation of the city of Genoa. The best and most aromatic basil, with a sweet taste and soft, tender texture.
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Genovese basil

% RI*. Energi. 1046 kJ. 13%. 250 kcal. Fett.

Organic Pesto Genovese 130g - Pesto - APB115 - 1. Organic Pesto Pasta Sauce Tomato and Basil 90g EasyMontali - Pasta and tomato sauces - EM001 - 1. In the mixture of the pesto pine nuts, garlic and peanuts are added to the fresh basil. There are many pesto recipes and considering our global success, ours is  SAUCES.
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Yes, you can  Genovese basil is a cultivar of Ocimum basilicum (sweet basil).