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on the premises - Vad rimmar med "on the premises"? - Engelska rim

Poängen med det här verktyget är att skapa en On  Premises is a very large and important area with man different sub-categories. Please find the answers to the most frequently asked questions  ProQure moves to new and larger premises in early August 2010. The new office space is located in. Governments and Ministers since 1917Open submenu; HistoryOpen submenu; PremisesOpen submenu. Close submenuHow does the Government work?

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OTP home site ‘On-premise’ is shorter, quicker and a bit easier to say than ‘on-premises’. But it’s a usage that’s just a bit too wrong…, even when compared to other bad writing habits. For instance, some of us might snicker when we see business copy using ‘service’ as a verb (see definitions 2 and 2.1 for why). Premises. The noun "premises" describes a house or a building. It usually refers to a building that is occupied by a company or an organization. The police men removed the protesters from the premises.

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on the premise vs under the premise. A complete search of  pl n · (in a deed, etc) the matters referred to previously; the aforesaid; the foregoing · the introductory part of a grant, conveyance, etc. premises. plural noun building(s), place, office, property, site, establishment The business has moved to new premises.

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On the premises

In contrast, “on-premise” makes no intrinsic sense; it’s based on a word that’s entirely wrong for the intended meaning in an IT context, and that makes it unclear. I agree that clear communication is what’s important. Define premises. premises synonyms, premises pronunciation, premises translation, English dictionary definition of premises. n. also prem·iss 1. A proposition upon which an argument is based or from which a conclusion is drawn.

On the premises

A blog we no longer update about writing, editing, and fiction publishing from the people who bring you "On The Premises" magazine. On The Premises. 525 likes.
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On the premises

Definition of on the premises in the Idioms Dictionary. on the premises phrase. What does on the premises expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.

If no smoking is allowed in the building, you might be able to go outside to smoke. If no smoking is allowed on the premises, you would not be able to smoke in the building or right outside. Premise: For mini-contest #48, tell, show, or evoke a complete story between 25 and 50 words long in which every sentence is a question (and ends with a question mark).
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Here, the industrial feel and scale of the premises live on, overlaid by more  Gateway management until recently, supported only one data source definition per data source on an on-premises data gateway.