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apploader.img - nintendo official apploader, nothing (that I can think of) has come out of hacking it fst.bin - file system table, table of all the files in /files, and their names the filename of the apploader depends on whatever tool you are using to look at the image. wiiscrubber calls it apploader.img, but it doesnt have a set name. instead, look for it at 0x2440 inside the partition. the first 0x20 bytes are the header and you can get the size from that.

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All the parameters are just the files, right? I set apploader to apploader.img, boot.bin to boot.bin And where do I get partition.bin?

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The target of the AppLoader is help you organize the J2SE application release could put your jars/class/configure file into advisable floder and edit a property file.then you could execute. In order to make legally re-distributable ISO images for the Homebrew Channel installer, we had to remove Nintendo’s copyrighted apploader code and replace it with our own; we based ours on the one from GC-Linux. ./sys/apploader.img: required: The application loader is expected. ./sys/main.dol: required: The main executable is expected. Hint: The command » wit DUMP « can dump the data structure of *.dol files. ./sys/fst.bin: ignored: When extracting a file system this file will be extracted too. It contains the file table of the real files of the Wii disc.
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Data files: Right click Partition:2 (DATA) -> Unencrypted Partition -> Extract 16 Sep 2014 ok file apploader.img to last, open main.dol file for playing main.dol size 3mb. .

Enjoy! Note: it can take a while for Dolphin to load a game from a folder.
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Nautech Mobile Marine Services, Mobile Marine -

cert.bin disc/ disc/header.bin disc/region.bin h3.bin sys/ sys/apploader.img sys/bi2.bin sys/boot.bin sys/fst.bin sys/main.dol ticket.bin tmd.bin.