Possible-Worlds Semantics and the Liar : Reflections on a


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Ahti Pietarinen. Forskningsoutput: Tidskriftsbidrag › Artikel › Vetenskaplig › Peer review. Översikt; 0Mer  Report on Session 1: Philosophy / Shea, William R. -- Session 2: Linguistics -- Possible Worlds in Model-Theoretic Semantics: A Linguistic Perspective / Partee,  Doing Intensional Semantics without Possible Worlds. Since Carnap (1947) and Montague (1974) a central current of formal semantics has modelled intensions  Indeed, although their broader semantic views make it quite natural for them to analyze modal sentences in terms of possible worlds, they  Necessitation Relations and Possible Worlds . . . .

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av S D'Hertefelt · 2012 — Conditionality = typically associated with epistemic domain ('possible worlds') BUT strong semantic dependency on previous discourse. Kanger's most original achievements were in the areas of general proof theory, the semantics of modal and deontic logic, and the logical analysis of the concept  Nigerian women writers, femininity and spirituality in world literature help us create other possible worlds of human, spiritual and environmental coexistence. I wrote my Bachelor's thesis on Possible World's Semantics. I "minored" in Gender Studies, where one substantial work (B-essay) was about different ways of  Kai von Fintel on Language, Semantics and Possible Worlds | Episode 5. 2020-06-16 | 1 tim 14 min · Ed Cooke on Memory Competitions, The Art of  reader response criticism, narratology and possible worlds-theories adjusted to force-dynamics presented in line with the framework of cognitive semantics,  With Worlds as Content : An investigation on Possible Worlds Semantics and its Problems.

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Kripkean semantics, at least construed as an applied semantics, poses a number of problems for the actualist realist, since it seems to entail the existence of merely possible individuals. Abstract.

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Possible worlds semantics

For example, a logic of indexical expressions, such as ‘I’, ‘here’, ‘now’, and the like, needs to bring in the linguistic context (or context for short).

Possible worlds semantics

Possible-Worlds Semantics Without Possible Worlds: The Agnostic Approach. April 2006; Mind 115(458) DOI: 10.1093/mind/fzl187. Authors: John Divers. University of Leeds; Download full-text PDF Read A possible worlds semantics for Cuzco Quechua evidentials Martina Faller The University of Manchester Abstract This paper proposes an analysis of Cuzco Quechua evidentials within the possible worlds framework developed byKratzer(1981,1987,2010), and explores how the tools provided by this framework can be used to best capture their evidential This article includes a basic overview of possible world semantics and a relatively comprehensive overview of three central philosophical conceptions of possible worlds: Concretism (represented chiefly by Lewis), Abstractionism (represented chiefly by Plantinga), and … (Logic) logic (in modal logic) a semantic device formalizing the notion of what the world might have been like.
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Possible worlds semantics

5. The Possible worlds semantics is a general approach to theories of meaning, on which meanings (or, more precisely, semantic values) are assigned to sentences in terms of the truth-values they take across all possible worlds. The intuition is that the meaning of a sentence specifies how the world would have to be for that sentence to be true (or false). Possible Worlds Semantics The possible worlds model for logics of knowledge and belief was originally proposed by Hintikka [Hintikka, 1962], and is now most commonly formulated in a normal modal logic using the techniques developed by Kripke [Kripke, 1963]. Possible worlds semantics have been widely applied both in philosophy and in other fields such as linguistic semantics and pragmatics, theoretical computer science, and game theory.

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This paper reassesses Lewis's theory and draws attention to some novel problems for his account. Basic notions.